Clarify & Illuminate Age Transformation Line

January 10, 2017
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Youthful, radiant skin

NOW® Solutions Clarify and Illuminate Age Transformation Moisturizer and Cleansing Gel were created to provide you with a comprehensive skin care system that helps to positively transform and reduce the most visible signs of aging.

All three Clarify and Illuminate formulas contain the clinically tested and proprietary ingredient Mitostime™, a concentrated brown algae (Laminaria digitata) extract that has been shown in studies to firm the skin and promote improved elasticity.

Research has shown that Mitostime™, at a concentration of as little as 0.2%, can help visibly firm skin and improve its elasticity.

In addition, wrinkle appearance improved by more than 15% - a reduction in the appearance of aging on the face of up to six years!

Clarify and Illuminate Cleansing Gel contains 1% Mitostime™ and the Clarify and Illuminate Moisturizer contains 5% Mitostime™.


A wealth of complementary natural ingredients

In addition to Mitostime™, Clarify and Illuminate Age Transformation Moisturizer, and Cleansing Gel are made with several compounds, including marine collagen for nourishing the skin. Natural compounds such as sea buckthorn oil, allantoin, gotu kola, aloe vera and Manuka honey help to maintain overall skin health and vitality. Vitamins C and E are included for their free radical scavenging benefits.

Together, the natural ingredients in NOW® Solutions’ Clarify and Illuminate Age Transformation Moisturizer and Cleansing Gel work with Mitostime™ to brighten and firm aging skin, reducing the visible signs of aging.