BioCell Collagen® - A Patented Comprehensive Solution to Joint, Skin and Connective Tissue Health*

Presentation by Douglas Jones, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, BioCell Technology, LLC
January 17, 2019

In this 20-minute presentation, you’ll learn about the research behind BioCell Collagen®. This patented ingredient can promote healthy joint function, comfortable movement, and strong connective tissue while maintaining normal moisture levels in aging skin.*

Douglas Jones, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, BioCell Technology, LLC
Over the past 25 years, Doug Jones has been a senior executive in marketing and sales with various consumer products companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He has over 20 years of experience in nutrition communications and education in the Dietary Supplement Industry.

He started the public relations and education programs at Nature Made Vitamins. And as Communications Chair at Council for Responsible Nutrition, he led industry efforts dedicated to providing scientifically accurate information about the safe and responsible use of Dietary Supplements.

Doug joined BioCell Technology in 2017 as Global Sales and Marketing Manager. He has been an active leader in various industry groups and serves on the Board of Directors for several local and national organizations.