Beet Sugar FAQs

March 24, 2016
beet sugar

What is beet sugar?

Beet sugar is the refined extract of the sugar beet, a tasty tuber and a natural source of sucrose, a carbohydrate found in many plants and commonly known as table sugar. Sucrose makes up approximately 20% of the sugar beet’s unprocessed plant root. Naturally refined beet sugar is up to 99.9% sucrose and is an ideal substitute for chemically refined sugar in many applications.

Is your beet sugar processed using char or bone char?

No bone char or bone products are used in the processing of NOW® Beet Sugar.

Bone char is a material that manufacturers once used to filter or remove the color from raw cane sugar during the refining process. It’s basically animal bones that are incinerated for activated carbon. It has since been replaced with more modern and animal-friendly means of color removal.

Is your beet sugar genetically modified?

NOW® Beet Sugar is not genetically modified and has been independently verified by The Non-GMO Project.