AlphaSorb-C™-1000 - Pharmacokinetic (pK) Study

Bioavailability Study

Dietary Supplement AlphaSorb-C™ 1000 is a combination of Threonic Acid-enhanced, buffered (non-acidic) Calcium Ascorbate with Alpha Lipoic Acid, a free radical scavenger that can help regenerate and enhance Vitamin C utilization in the body.* Three healthy adult volunteers 21-38 years old participated in a clinical trial to study the bioavailability of AlphaSorb-C™, a dietary supplement by NOW® Foods (# 0726). Plasma Vitamin C was measured at baseline, and 1, 2, 4 and 6 hours following oral administration of 1 tablet providing 1,000 mcg of Vitamin C.


The average Vitamin C was increased at 1 hour, and peaked 2 hours following the administration reaching 86% above the baseline level. The average Vitamin C concentration remained elevated for the duration of the study, with 49% above the baseline level 6 hours post-supplementation. The study confirms the exceptional bioavailability of Vitamin C from dietary supplement AlphaSorb-C™ by NOW®.


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