7 Cleaning Hacks with Essential Oils

Do you have a collection of essential oils stashed around the house? Are you not sure how to use them? If you are looking for a quick way to freshen up around your home with your trusty essential oils, we have seven quick ways for you to use them to your advantage. From a quick spritz to keep bugs at bay to a fast drop in a stinky shoe, you will find yourself coming back to these swift tips for years to come!

seafoam green infographic with seafoam and white color and illustrations to the left of the wording depicting each topic

illustration outline of a toilet with words to the right of it

Freshen Up the Loo

Add a couple drops of your favorite fresh scented oil to the water in the toilet bowl

illustration outline of a canister vaccuum cleaner with words to the right of it

Carpet Sprinkle

Add about fifteen drops of essential oil to each one cup baking soda to make a refreshing pre-vacuum sprinkle

illustration outline of a spray bottle pointed toward twenty ants in a linear loose formation

Pest-Away Spray

Combine lemongrass or eucalyptus oil with two squirts dish soap and water in a small spray bottle to make a pest-away spray for windows and doors

illustration outline of a shoe with a stem of peppermint leaf with words to the right of it

Shoe Stink Begone

Sprinkle a couple drops of peppermint oil inside stinky shoes to refresh overnight

illustration outline of a partially rolled up yoga mat with one simple mandala design on the part that is not rolled up and a spray bottle outline and spray pointed toward the yoga mat with words to the right of it

Clean That Mat Up

Add a few drops unscented dish soap to water in a spray bottle along with your favorite essential oils

illustration outline of a sink and an outline of a branch from a lemon tree with two lemons on it with words to the right of it

Drop It In

Freshen up your garbage disposal with a few drops of lemon oil

illustration outline of a scrub brush and a tile with words to the right of it

Scrub It Away

Use equal amounts of baking soda and sea salt combined with fresh scented essential oils to make a natural tile scrub

photograph of three NOW brand essential oils which are lemon eucalyptus and peppermint

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