50 Years of Partnership Slideshow

March 5, 2018
  • 50 years if partnership slide

    50 years in business is an incredible milestone, one that wouldn’t be possible without the help of countless retailers across the country. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary we wanted to introduce you to just a few of the many retailers who have been helping NOW empower healthier lives for the past 50 years.

  • partner betterlife nutrition

    Paul Bogosian, Owner
    Tami Bogosian-White, BS, CN, CA, CPT, Health Coach

    “Better Life Nutrition Center opened in 1979 and has been stocking NOW products for 35 years. We’re a family owned business that takes pride in stocking the best products in the industry. Many of the reasons we continue to do business with NOW are the same reasons we began our business relationship with them many years ago. NOW formulates high quality products, that are third party tested, and sells them for a fair price. Their employees are outstanding and they treat each customer with respect and kindness, going out of their way to take care of any issue that arises. Even though they have grown dramatically over the years, NOW still has the family atmosphere it started with.”

  • partner dixie nut slide

    St. George, Utah
    Paula, Manager

    “We’ve always appreciated being able to offer to our customers the wide variety of product SKUs that NOW has to offer. Many of our customers prefer the NOW brand and are definitely looking for the lower price point that we are able to pass to them because of the ongoing discount that NOW passes on to stores. Our customers appreciate NOW quality and are repeat customers because of it.”

  • partners garners natural

    Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Janinea Sloan, Buyer

    “I attended the NOW Retailer Conference in Chicago a few years ago and was tremendously impressed with their products. NOW Foods is top notch in research and production of new products. Since 1999 NOW Foods has become one of our most requested supplements at Garner’s. Our customers are so supportive and NOW Foods is a large key to Garner’s customer satisfaction. In addition, NOW Foods is a leader in wonderful essential oils and diffusers. Thank you NOW Foods for keeping our customers happy!”

  • partners grain bin

    Alexandria, Minnesota
    Deb Loken & The Crew at The Grain Bin

    “Congratulations NOW Foods for creating a great company, great products and for helping people with their health. The Grain Bin has been a successful health food store in Alexandria, Minnesota for over 40 years. Part of our success is having NOW Foods as one of our best vendors. If customers have a question about a product that we can’t answer, we know that we will get the answer from NOW. Customer service is always prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable about their products. When we recommend a NOW product to a customer we know that NOW lives up to their standards.”

  • partners herbies natural foods

    Whittier, California
    Marian Workman, RN

    “I remember when we first introduced NOW essential oils. With great care and precision, our young staffer carefully merchandised that petite rack with excitement. I did not know what to say when I realized the oils were in Z to A order! I did not specify what kind of alphabetical order I wanted! Those first facings have now turned into nearly an entire end cap of NOW Essential Oils! Oh, and that young staffer is successful as well! We’re proud to be a NOW Foods affiliated store. Quality, ethics, family values, fair pricing, and innovation are the hallmarks of NOW. A big "Thank You" this 50th, a celebratory year! You've been with us since we opened 25 years ago!”

  • partners mastels health foods

    St. Paul, Minnesota
    Alina Hornfeldt, Marketing Manager

    “We’re happy here at Mastel’s to congratulate NOW Foods on 50 years! As it is also our 50th anniversary this year, we feel that we have “grown up” together with NOW. NOW was one of the very first lines we carried. They’ve proven to be a quality name our staff and customers can trust. Their everyday value price means that all our shoppers have access to products that they need in their health and wellness journey. We are so happy that our industry has been able to thrive through changing times, and NOW has been a big part of our success in bringing health and happiness to Minnesota.”

  • partners vitamin discount center

    Tampa Bay, Florida
    Lottie Williams, MBA, CPP, Senior Buyer

    “We’ve truly enjoyed our partnership with NOW Foods over the years. When dealing with NOW Foods, we do not feel like just another retailer buying products, we feel like family coming home for a visit. Congratulations on 50 years!!”