100% Organic Barley Grass

100% Organic Barley Grass

Barley Grass Benefits Known Throughout History

Barley Grass ( Hordeum vulgare ) is one of the green grasses. It has served as a staple food in most cultures. Scientists believe it has been cultivated since 7000 BC and we know that Roman gladiators ate barley for strength and stamina. Green barley leaves contain astounding amounts of vitamins and minerals.

NOW’s barley grass is 100% organic from dehydrated, unjointed leaves. It is a granular-like loose powder. No chemicals or additives are used in the processing of barley grass and all bulk powder ingredients are GE free.

Harvesting Must Be Done Right

The jointing stage is the period during which a cereal grass plant is transformed from a vegetable to a grain. NOW’s barley grass is grown in Kansas soil and harvested just prior to jointing, when the cereal grass is at its highest nutrient period. After the jointing, the nutritional level in the leaves drops rapidly.

Direct cutting of the barley grass is performed so the leaves never touch the ground. The leaves are then dehydrated in low temperature dehydrators to preserve their nutritional integrity. Milling is done using a cryogenic method, which pulverizes the barley grass at room temperature or below.

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