Tony Rocha

Professional Soccer Player
New York City, NY

tony rocha in sky blue uniform getting ready to kick a soccer ballMy name is Tony Rocha and I’m a professional soccer player for NYCFC in the MLS. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and just like many kids, started playing soccer for fun at a young age along with my brothers. Starting this early helped me develop a comfortability with the ball, which allowed me to be one of the standouts on my team. I fell in love with the game at an early age and this led me to watch soccer on TV any chance I got.

During my high school years, I was determined to play soccer in college with the dream of becoming a professional in the sport. This meant sacrificing time with friends and being on the field to work on some of my weaknesses. It was at this time that I learned the importance of discipline off the field was as important as performance on the field. Accepting to play soccer at the University of Tulsa and majoring in Exercise Sports Science was the next step in learning as much as I could about nutrition and recovery. My dream of becoming a professional soccer player came to fruition after college in 2015. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride as a professional athlete, missing the playoffs some years to winning the Eastern Conference a couple years ago. tony rocha in burgundy uniform dribbles past defenderI have also had the opportunity to represent the Belize National Team in the Gold Cup qualifiers in 2019. I have played 6 years in the MLS, about to start my 3rd with New York City FC.

Learning about nutrition in college and working with some of the top minds in the field while in MLS, has led me to start my own nutrition coaching business to help educate athletes about the importance that nutrition has on performance. I am excited to be a NOW Ambassador because we share the same mission about quality of nutrition and its importance on performance. Their products help me get the proper nutrition I need both in season and off season.


tony rocha plays soccer in sky blue uniform with orange shoesCUSA Freshmen of the Year

4-time ALL Conference Team

2019 MLS Eastern Conference Winner

2020 Concacaf Champions League Quarter Finalists

Daily Regimen

Pre-workout (mix in water with Beet Root)
Pre-workout (mix in water with Creatine)
Post-workout shake with bananas, frozen mangos, dates, blueberries