Rachel Belmont

Ultra Marathon Runner
Old Bridge, New Jersey

rachel belmont portraitHi, I’m Rachel! I am a young runner, Rutgers University accelerated nursing student, and skydiver who specializes in running ultramarathons, with my favorite distance being 100 miles. When I was in high school, I competitively ran cross country and track, with PR's of 4:59 in the mile and 18:37 in the 5km. Although I committed to run for the University of Florida, a freak accident my senior year of high school (torn ACL/Meniscus from playing basketball in gym class) was the catalyst causing me to eventually pursue marathon running. Overall, I have had three knee surgeries (with my last being in 2016). Thankfully I have not only been running healthily since then, but a lot more happily too. I gave up my dream of competing for an NCAA Division 1 team, to take my time coming back from my injuries and find my passion for running again, which I continue to do!

The 2015 NYC Marathon was my first ever marathon, where I raised $2620 for Team for Kids, an incredible charity that donates all of its funds to creating community-based running programs for youth across the nation. After crossing that finish line in Central Park, I knew I wanted to continue pursuing this amazing distance. Since then, I have run a total of 4 NYC Marathons, 1 Boston Marathon (with 3 qualifying times), and a marathon on 4/7 of the continents, in locations such as Ireland (the Dublin Marathon), Tunisia (the Carthage Marathon) and Jordan (the Petra Desert Marathon-by far my favorite). I also volunteer with Achilles International, where I am a guide for athletes who have a wide array of disabilities-ranging from visual impairments to TBI's.

rachel belmont finish lineHowever, I have also gained an affinity for ultramarathons, finishing the 2019 Keys 100 miler (where I was the youngest female finisher that year), winning the 2019 NJ One Day 24 Hour Race (where I ran 106 miles within 24 hours, around a 1 mile loop), and 2017 North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50 Miler. Recently, after the breakout of COVID-19, I live-streamed myself running 100 miles on a treadmill in my living room, fundraising over $6,000 to purchase masks from a famous skydiving suit company, Liquid Sky, to distribute to healthcare workers throughout the tristate area. My next goals include finishing my first 200 miler at Across the Years in 2021, and becoming the youngest female to complete the Mt. Everest Ultramarathon-an arduous 60km foot race starting at Base Camp, in May of 2021. To train, I will be incorporating a significant amount of trail running into my routine, as well as utilizing the services of Hypoxico, a high altitude training company. I'm excited to be a NOW® Ambassador because I believe in fueling my training and adventures at the highest level. For now, I will continue to train and stay healthy throughout nursing school (and COVID) as I prepare for tackling my future goals.


rachel belmont flexesFinished the 2019 Keys 100 Miler (youngest female that year)
Won the 2019 NJ One Day 24 Hour Race-with a distance of 106 Miles
Ran 100 miles on a treadmill, in under 24 Hours and fundraised over $6,000 to purchase Liquid Sky Sports Masks for healthcare workers
Attempting to become the youngest female to finish the Mt. Everest Ultramarathon in 2021
Training to complete my first 200 miler at the 2021 Across the Years Running Festival
Finished the 2017 North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50 Miler
4X NYC Marathon Finisher
1X Boston Marathon Finisher (3 qualifiers)
Ran a marathon on 4/7 continents (including Petra Desert Marathon in Jordan, Carthage Marathon in Tunisia, and Dublin Marathon)
Fundraised $2620 for Team for Kids while running the 2015 NYC Marathon
Achilles International Running Guide for Athletes with Disabilities
Featured on the following running podcasts: Strong Runner Chicks, The Perfect Race Podcast, Cultra Trail Running Podcast, and the Lunatic Fringe-Extreme Podcast
Features in Women’s Running Magazine and Ultra Running Magazine (Online Ed.), Fox News, and NJ 12
Published an undergraduate level Honors IRB approved thesis on the effects of increased physical activity on self-esteem among marathon runners
Currently enrolled in the accelerated nursing program at Rutgers University-New Brunswick
USPA B Licensed Skydiver