Natalie Larson

Ultra Runner
Laguna Beach, California

natalie larson ultra marathon runner holding trophy at end of raceHi, I’m Natalie! I started running marathons in 2004. Looking for a new challenge, I completed a 50k in 2010, followed by a 50 mile race in 2014, and 100 mile and 24 hour races in 2015. The longer the distance the better I seemed to do. I won my first race in the summer of 2015, Merrill’s Mile, a 24 hour race in Georgia that was the fourth of six 100+ mile races I completed in eight weeks.

In 2016 I set a new female course record at the Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100 mile race in 17:24:58. According to UltraRunning Magazine this was the 11th fastest female 100 mile time of the year. I also ran the 34th fastest female 100k and the 99th fastest female 50 mile race of the year.

In 2017 I set the Fastest Known Time (FKT) on the California Coastal Trail. I ran solo, self-supported and covered 1,171 miles in 44 days, 18 hours, and 40 minutes, approximately a marathon a day. This effort was awarded “4th Most Notable FKT of the Year” by Ultimate Direction and UltraRunning Magazine. In 2017 I also ran the 7th best female 12 hour race of the year, 70 miles.

natalie larson running on a country road with lots of gearFrom 2018 to present I have focused on building speed with the goal of qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. I moved to Orange County and joined the Cal Coast Track Club and have been coached by the club's coach, Bill Sumner. I improved my 5k time to 17:37, 10k to 36:52, 1/2 marathon to 1:20:56, and marathon to 2:52:20.

I'm still working on that OTQ and also dreaming of making a national ultrarunning team, perhaps for the 50k or 100k, going after more FKTs, and running more ultras!

NOW® has been with me throughout my career, supporting my training, performance, and recovery!* I am honored to work with a company that has such high standards for purity and quality!

Photos courtesy of Chris Thompson

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natalie larson running at night - black and white photo5k - 17:37.8
10k - 36:52
½ Marathon - 1:20:56
Marathon - 2:53:20
50 Mile Trail - 7:55:59
100k - 10:30:32
100 Mile - 17:24:58
California Coastal Trail - Fastest Known Time
1st, course record, Bare Burro 5k
1st, Chino Hills 50K
1st, Orange Curtain 100K
1st overall (M/F), course record, Boundiful Endurance Runs 12hr
1st, course record, Jackpot Ultra Running Festival 100 Mile
1st overall (M/F), Beyond Limits Ultra 100 Mile
1st, Riverbank One Day 24 Hour
1st overall (M/F), Merrill’s Mile 24 Hour
4th Most Notable Fastest Known Time, Ultrarunning Magazine
US Spartathlon Team auto-qualifier
USATF Southern California Mountain Ultra Trail Champion