Laurel Weaver

Professional Beach Volleyball Player
Honolulu, Hawaii

laurel weaver ambassador portraitMy name is Laurel Weaver and I am a professional beach volleyball player. My athletic journey started 15 years ago when I attended my first youth volleyball clinic in Los Angeles. Although I was only eight years old at the time, it was crystal clear to me that I had finally found my sport and true passion! At age 11, I entered a competitive indoor and beach volleyball program that streamlined my career into Division I college and eventually professional level of beach volleyball. Training daily and trying to keep up with ex professional and full time coach Andrew Vazquez, I learned early that I would only be able to improve and excel rapidly if I fueled with the best food and supplements I could get my hands on.

Fast forward to the present, my hunger for improvement in sport and nutrition has only grown. In May 2018, I closed my Division I Beach Volleyball career for the University of Hawai’i, finishing third in the NCAA National Championships and holding an undefeated record among the nation’s top college beach volleyball teams with my partner, Carly Kan. After a college career of three consecutive semifinal finishes at the National Championships, I now am turning my focus toward my childhood dream of competing full-time for not just our domestic tour, the Association of Volleyball Professionals, but also traveling the world playing for USA in FIVB events. I am humbled to have had a college career of accolades like being named 2018 VolleyMob All American and 2017 AVCA Honorable Mention, but these accolades mean nothing if I am not able to use them as a platform for helping develop other young athletes and continuing to refine my own athletic potential in the sport.

My day to day routine is grueling as I balance my continued education in Sports Wellness Nutrition at the University of Hawai’i with the full time training schedule of a professional athlete and coaching youth volleyball players. It truly is a lifestyle that I enjoy and work to maximize each day. This is where I feel so aligned with NOW® - they have been a major role in not just how I perform physically by using their sports nutrition supplements, but also how I am able to enjoy the moments along the way through use of their essential oils and women's health vitamins. I start my day with a B complex and a glass with Himalayan salt and Glutamine powder. Every night, I close my day with Evening Primrose Oil and Eleuthero. In between these brief routines, NOW helps optimize my body and mind for whatever my goals require. Knowing that I am honoring my body and working toward my athletic goals with NOW gives me the peace of mind that I have all my bases covered and am prepared for success at the highest levels. I am so stoked to be a part of this team! With this partnership I plan to build on the foundation of the last 15 years and reach more than I thought I ever could.

laurel weaver ambassador celebrating


laurel weave ambassador spike2018 VolleyMob All American

2018 National Championship All Tournament Team

Undefeated in 2018 National Championships

2016-2018 NCAA National Championship Semifinalist

2017 Honorable Mention All-American

2017 Big West First Team All Conference