Katrina Pilkington

NASM Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Henderson, Nevada

katrina pilkington profile imageMy name is Katrina Pilkington and I am a NASM certified Personal Trainer, AFAA certified Group Fitness instructor, online personal trainer, proud wife, and mother of a miracle baby. I grew up not knowing anything about health and fitness; we ate what we could afford and didn’t ask any questions. I never played sports other than for fun and always struggled with being overweight and fitting in. Heading into my college years, I became aware of the fact that I couldn’t eat whatever I wanted and still get by wearing whatever I wanted. I realized I needed to lose weight, but didn’t know how. After a decade of yo-yo dieting and losing weight before gaining it all back, I found myself at my lowest point in life.

I found my solace in faith and surrounding myself with others I could rally with. I began to workout with a personal trainer and also started running with friends. It became a new healthy addiction to sign up for races and complete goals I’d set for myself. I decided to begin training for 5ks and slowly increased my running training and distances. Between the years of 2010 and the present year I’ve run a dozen half marathons, ran one marathon, and completed numerous 5ks and fun runs. I decided to change careers after becoming certified as a fitness professional in 2012; I wanted to help others learn the simplicity of health and fitness like I had so that they could also achieve their goals and maintain their progress.

katrina pilkington and childI was always told it was virtually impossible for me to conceive. I suffered from depression off and on growing up, had many issues with hormonal imbalances, and the yo-yo dieting didn’t help. I accepted the fact that I couldn’t be a mom, or easily if so. I met my husband in the beginning of my running journey; we found a connection through living adventurously and also through being active. After getting married and wanting to take a new lease on life, we relocated to the west coast in 2015. Four months after moving to our new home, on Easter morning 2016, we learned we were pregnant. I credit all of my life changes as the reason my body bounced into ‘baby-making’ shape and for helping me have a beautiful daughter.

I believe that our bodies are powered by what we put in them; sometimes we can get what we need through food but many times we need a boost! NOW gives my family the ability to supplement where we need that boost and in an affordable way using quality ingredients safe for all of us, big and little. Vitamins and minerals are important, but how they are made for us is even more important! We focus on a diet full of whole foods while adding in additional plant-based protein, iron for deficiency issues + vitamin C for absorption. We also love essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. We can stay healthy and balanced with NOW as a part of the puzzle.

My goal now is to continue sharing my journey on social media, the good and the bad, as I work to balance the chaos of life while maintaining a focus on being my best self. I’ll always have goals, I’ll always try to be better, and I now have someone watching my every move who I owe being my best to!


2017 Sin City Classic (Post-Baby 5k PR: 28:30)

2016 Bryce Canyon Half (Post-Baby Half Marathon PR: 2:02:03)

2013 Miles for Moffit 10k (10k PR: 56:30)

2012 Women’s Half Marathon (Half Marathon PR: 1:58:57)

2010 Family Fest (5k PR: 24:30)

100 Rides on Peloton in less than 3 months

Becoming a mama when told it was impossible


Training Routine

Foam Rolling daily + gentle stretch

Body weight / Light to moderate weight metabolic conditioning drills

Strength 1-2x a week

Peloton bike daily (various training types including recovery with low impact)

Running daily, streak running 1 mile a day with my dog

Daily mommy-play time