Jill Hanner

CrossFit Coach, Olympic Lifter, Owner of Baked Fit, Inc.
White Plains, NY

Healthy Living Tips from Jill Hanner


JillHanner3HI, I’m Jill Hanner. I’m a vegan baker and owner of Baked Fit. I also am a Crossfit athlete, Olympic lifter, Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach and a healthy eater. I’ve suffered with IBS most of my life, and the past three years I’ve had to eliminate gluten, dairy and eggs from my diet in order to function. Not knowing what to eat I started to bake. My muffins became a hit at my local Crossfit gym and I decided to form Baked Fit Inc., a gluten, dairy and egg free baked goods company. When I’m not baking, I’m training (myself and others). I compete in Olympic Lifting competitions as well as Crossfit. Because I’ve suffered with being overweight and dealt with eating disorders, my diet must be clean in order for me to function daily.

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JillHanner5I LOVE NOW Products because they are gluten free, all natural, vegan and I do not have any side effects when taking them. It's so hard to find protein and pre workout supplements that are all natural and taste good. That's so important! My favorite protein is the Plant Protein Complex in Creamy Vanilla. It's Vegan and has no soy in it. It tastes delicious. If I'm in a rush I just mix it with water, but when I have time, I like to blend it with bananas and strawberries. When I am competing in Olympic Lifting I like to take D-Ribose right before. It gives me an instant energy boost to go out and do my best. Lastly, at night I take ZMA Joint Recovery which has Zinc and Magnesium. It seems to help me relax for sleep and assists with muscle recovery at the same time.


Top Competition Results

Placed 1st Masters Division TRI STATE OPEN