Elisabeth Saunders

Powerlifting Coach, Strength Athlete & Meet Director
Atlanta, Georgia

lis-saunders focusedI’m Elisabeth Saunders aka Lis Smash. I am a strength coach, powerlifter and event director in Atlanta, Georgia.

I am the Georgia state record holder in the squat for the 72kg open class, and I have held seven other Georgia state records. I love powerlifting because it challenges me to build strength physically and mentally. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after a tough training session, and I love the camaraderie of the strength community.

Liz Saunders dead liftOver the past 10 years I have helped thousands of people move better and get stronger. I enjoy helping people discover their unique strengths. Quite often, I work with clients who never enjoyed working out before. Helping people learn to move their bodies and use strength training to gain confidence and age more gracefully is my reason for coaching.

I also host strength benefits, which are unique fundraisers that help people discover the joy of stepping on to a powerlifting platform, while also raising money for amazing non-profit organizations.

I discovered NOW in 2009. At the time I was coaching CrossFit and eating a strict paleo diet. I began taking NOW® Super Enzymes for digestion support.* Today I eat for performance, and shoot to hit a daily protein goal. I still take Super Enzymes daily to improve my gut health, along with NOW® Women’s Probiotic.*

My nutrition and supplementation routines are just as important as my training regime is, to help me get stronger and stay injury-free. I trust NOW products to help me be the best version of myself. What will you do today to become a better you?


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Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Powerlifting Coach - the Fantastic Beasts, Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ Powerlifting Club

Founder - the Womxn’s Barbell Club

Meet Director - Squatlanta

Meet Director - Pull for Pride Atlanta

USPA Georgia State Records in Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Total: 67.5kg Submaster and Open classes

USAPL Georgia State Record in Squat: 152.5kg at 72kg Open class

Best Competition Lifts: Squat- 155kg/341#, Bench Press- 70kg/154#, Deadlift- 160kg/352#

2019 USPA Drug-Tested National Championships - Bronze Medal, 75kg Submaster class

2017 USAPL Southeast Regional Championships - Silver Medal, 72kg Open class

2015 USAPL Alabama State Championships - Gold Medal, 72kg Open class

2014 Arnold Sports Festival USAPL Raw Challenge - 4th place, 72kg Open class

2013 USAPL Georgia & Southern States - 1st place, 72kg Open class

2013 USAPL Raw Nationals - 8th place, 72kg Open class

Former Georgia Tech Barbell Club powerlifting coach

Former USA Powerlifting Club Coach, State Referee & Meet Director

Founder & former operating partner - CrossFit Midtown

Founder & former operating partner - East Atlanta Barbell Club

Master of Education degree in Sports Management, University of Georgia

Bachelor of Journalism degree in Public Relations, University of Georgia