Darrell McTague

Fitness Director, Endurance Runner, Host of “So THIS is Fitness” Podcast

Attleboro, Massachusetts

darrell-mctague_ inishesI started off like so many others - I tried and failed many times to lose weight... and eventually just gave up trying. I resigned myself to a fate of forever being a "big guy." One day, though, after wearing through another pair of pants (thanks, friction)... enough was enough. In August 2012 I began my fitness journey and one year later, went from 305 lbs to 175 lbs - a 130 lb loss! Along the way I found that I could push harder and farther than I ever thought possible... and I also found running.

Today, my life is completely different than it was before. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, the Fitness Director at my gym, and have become quite the endurance runner. The drive and desire to push harder and farther was a natural fit for the running world... and not long after running my first Marathon, I found myself registering for my first Ultramarathon. I would even go on to push all the way to my first 100 mile Ultramarathon finish!

I share my story to show that you don't have to be an elite athlete to get out there and DO the thing. I learned a very important truth that I hope to share with everyone - the only limits we TRULY have... are the ones we create for ourselves. If we can just get out of our own way... and GET OUT THERE... and TRY... we truly can achieve anything. Live Life Limitless.

To follow along on my journey, you can read my blog "So, THIS Is Fitness..." at www.SoTHISIsFitness.com, subscribe to the "So THIS Is Fitness" podcast, or find me on Instagram , Twitter, or Facebook.

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darrell-mctague endurance

2017 May: Providence Marathon - Providence, RI
Pineland Farms Trail Challenge 50 Mile Ultramarathon - New Gloucester, Maine

2017 February: Hyannis Marathon - Hyannis, MA (New PR - 4:36:06)

2016 December: Millinocket Marathon - Millinocket, ME

2016 October: Ghost Train Rail Trail Race - Brookline, NH (100 Mile Endurance Run finisher)
Hartford Marathon - Hartford, CT

2016 August: Anchor Down 6-Hour Ultramarathon - Bristol, RI
Sweltering Summer 8-Hour Ultramarathon - Pittsfield, MA (50K)

2016 May: Pineland Farms Trail Challenge - New Gloucester, ME (50 Mile finisher)
Providence Marathon - Providence, RI (New PR - 4:38:21)

2016 February: Hyannis Marathon - Hyannis, MA (New PR - 4:45:10)

2015 October: Hartford Marathon - Hartford, CT

2015 September: Spartan Beast - Killington, VT

2015 May: Maine Coast Marathon - Biddeford, ME

2014 September: Spartan Beast - Killington, VT

2014 October: Cape Cod Marathon Half - Falmouth, MA