Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Writer and Model
Atlanta, Georgia

Guided Meditation with Chocolako


chocolako laughing“She remembered who she was and the game changed” – Lalah Delia

Hi, I’m Chocolako, a yoga and meditation teacher with African roots and a rainbow heart. I have more than 1,000+ hours of accredited yoga teacher training. My path has led me to explore and weave embodied expression through movement and meditation.

I first discovered the nourishing benefits of embodied movement in 2005, when I visited a yoga studio as a graduate student in Berkeley, California. During my first experience on the yoga mat, I experienced tears and sweat simultaneously, but couldn’t tell the difference. Both forms of liquid release felt like profound liberation for this first generational American living between two cultures in one household.

From this first yoga class I was hooked, and I’ve since dedicated myself to the study of mental wellness, embodiment and yogic wisdom. Growing up, I was taught that fitting in was the key to success and wealth. Conditioned beliefs such as – do as you’re told, sacrifice now to enjoy later, work twice as hard as your peers, and a myriad of other myths locked me into a box.

I followed all the rules society once displayed as key to fitting in. More specifically I did all the things Nigerian families deem essential for “living a good life.” I attended some of the best schools on the planet, so my parents were expecting a doctor, certainly not a yogi. I help people to remember their personal power and act from that sense of embodiment.

To overcome some of the perpetual cycles of mental and emotional suffering, I accessed aspects of my public health and business acumen to create Yoga Innergy. Yoga Innergy integrates sensory awareness and movement to express self and outward compassion lovingly. This style of “flowing, not forcing” helps people to experience mind, body and spirit as one.

I am most thrilled to be a NOW Ambassador because I use essential oils via aromatherapy to create nourishing atmospheres for deep dives and explorations during yoga teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and immersions across America and around the world.

My contagious spark invites people to “feel it, then heal it” so that yoga continues to unite us in all ways.




chokolako balanceBachelor of Science Vanderbilt University
Master of Public Health University of California, Berkeley
Master of Business Administration Cass Business School
Registered teacher with Yoga Alliance E-RYT200, RYT 500 and YACEP designations.
Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Writer for Elephant Journal, The Guardian, Bella Naija