Bryan Morseman

Bath, NY

Meet Bryan Morseman, Running for His Family


BryanMorseman1Hello, my name is Bryan Morseman, and I’m a professional marathon runner. My son Leeim was born with Spina Bifida, and my goal with running/racing is to raise money to help with his needs, as he gets older. I have won 70 marathons out of 115 I have competed in, ranging from all over the United states as well as the Bermuda Marathon. I enjoy racing the longer races, as they really test your body, mind and heart! I represented TEAM USA in the 2016 50k World Championships in Doha, Qatar in November 2016 in which I helped TEAM USA win Gold. I placed 9th Overall. Running has been a passion of mine since starting in the 7th grade (11 years old) and I haven't looked back since. Winning, and running races all over the world has really been a blessing. We live once, we get one body, why not make the most of it, and cherish and travel doing what you enjoy. I have a great amount of support from my wife, Sarah, and family, not to mention NOW® for all they do for me with products that allow me to give all on race day and leave nothing in the tank. I am looking forward to pursuing new goals, achieving new heights, and continuing to do what I love to do.



Personal Best Marathon Time: 2:19:57

In 2015, won 3 Marathons in 8 days in 3 different States

2020 to date: Won 2 of the 3 Marathons ran (Bermuda & Tallahassee)

2019: Won 6 Marathons out of 13