Ben Dooley

Knoxville, TN

ben dooey squats by wall and smiles for cameraHey there! Ben Dooley here. I am a recreational triathlete who began my journey in the sport around a year ago. As a young fellow I was very active in competitive soccer and basketball. In college I was notorious for taking second place in almost every intramural sport. I eventually took home first place but far too late to avoid a reputation for losing championship games! To be honest, I was not ashamed of that status. In fact, I was a little proud! I have always been undersized and underestimated. To be known for making all the championships was something of a badge of honor. Most people never even got there!

My competitive nature did not dissipate after college and certainly not after marrying my extremely competitive wife, Hannah. Competition was everywhere I looked! Hannah was a college soccer player and is an accomplished endurance athlete in her own right. It was her passion for distance running that eventually unlocked my passion for triathlon. In the summer of 2020, I ran my very first triathlon and found my way onto the podium for my age group! I was hooked!

ben dooley runs by a white fenceBeing new to triathlon gives me a unique opportunity to learn from other seasoned triathletes. The tri-sport community in my hometown of Knoxville, TN is filled with impressive “Personal Bests” in every distance race. I am currently training to run my first 70.3 Half Ironman race. For those who don’t know, it consists of a 1.3 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. A year ago, these distances seemed impossible for someone like me. As of today, my training has me projected to finish the race in around 5 and ½ hours, beating the national average for my age group!

The most important principal I have learned from veteran triathletes is to recover well. This means getting the right amounts of sleep, nutrition, and rehab. Included in the recovery process is the use of supplements. If you are going to put your body through extreme feats of endurance, it is going to need extra sustenance! This is why I am excited to join the NOW ambassador team. Adding trusted NOW supplements into my training regimen will help support my performance and recovery.* Here’s to some gold-medal finishes in my future!

*These statemenst has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


ben dooley climbs from pool in full bpdu racomg siotQualified for USA Triathlon Nationals in my first triathlon!

Half-Marathon PR: 1:38 (I've only run 2)

Daily Regimen

Pre-workout just water
Post-workout (use your choice of NOW protein powder)
Post workout within 30 minutes of finish