Manufacturing of Natural Foods

At NOW we’re dedicated to manufacturing and providing only pure, natural foods the way nature intended, foods that truly nourish and satisfy. We insist on using only non-GMO ingredients, and we avoid common food allergens whenever possible.

Since 1968 we’ve been meeting and exceeding natural product manufacturing regulations, even when none existed. We were one of the first manufacturers to seek certification through the Natural Products Association’s (then the NNFA) inaugural GMP (good manufacturing practices) program in 2000, for which we received an ‘A’ rating, and we’ve been recertified with an ‘A’ rating every year since.

The NPA GMP program is a voluntary certification program comprised of standardized manufacturing and quality control practices. Companies seeking certification must undergo intense and thorough audits of their manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance processes and procedures, and must do so annually to maintain their good standing.

NOW is also in full compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s more recent Current Good Manufacturing Practices, or cGMP. Introduced in 2007, federal cGMPs are published federal requirements for companies engaging in the manufacture, packaging, labeling or holding of dietary supplements and natural foods.

These cGMP requirements assure the proper design, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. They also establish minimum requirements for sanitation, record-keeping, packaging and labeling operations, and more.

Our adherence to manufacturing GMPs, our insistence on choosing only the best ingredients, and our commitment to testing and safety are what set us apart from other natural food companies. In addition, NOW employs a dedicated research and development team for foods, including chefs, who develop many of our foods and recipes and conduct sensory evaluations to ensure flavor, quality and consistency.

With our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and in-house laboratories, we’re well-equipped to ensure the quality and safety of all NOW® food products.