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How Can NOW Consistently Make Quality Natural Products Affordable?

High Quality Natural Products

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to get affordable supplements and other natural products.

When you purchase NOW® products, you can trust you’re getting top quality at a great price.

Yet our products still cost less than other high quality brands.

We’re one of the few natural product companies that is dedicated to making affordable products without sacrificing the wholesome goodness you’re looking for.

Sounds great! But if you’re like most natural health consumers, you’re probably a bit skeptical . . .

You may be wondering, “How can NOW’s products be any good if they are selling them for less than the more expensive brands?”

It’s because from the very beginning – from the very day Elwood Richard founded NOW® – we were committed to bringing quality and affordability together. So you can get the best value each time you purchase a NOW® product.

And with this kind of commitment and passion, anything is possible.

Here’s what we do to make sure we accomplish our goal:

  • We’ve invested in a great engineering staff. We can buy used equipment and our expert engineering staff restores the machines to our exacting specifications. Each of the components will often be in as accurate and safe condition as when it was brand new. Yet it will cost less than a new machine, reducing our manufacturing costs.
  • We constantly seek improvement. We review our processes to look for ways to improve on safety, quality, and efficiency. We measure our performance at regular intervals, continuously adjusting to become better at what we do. This measuring allows us to improve how we do things, resulting in a better quality product, manufactured more efficiently. The simple act of doing things right the first time not only ensures higher quality, but it also reduces product costs.
  • We invest in state-of-the-art labs and a highly skilled science and technical team. With this capacity, we can test our ingredients and finished products in-house. Few manufacturers have made an investment at this level. Most use third party testing services instead. Sure, it costs a bit more up front to develop this capacity internally. But because we do almost all of our testing in house, we test more frequently. In the course of a month we may perform as many as 16,000 individual tests. And we’re one of the few manufacturers that regularly tests finished products to the extent we do.
  • We work closely with our suppliers so we can buy high quality materials strategically. Natural raw materials are tricky to source – weather and the seasons impact how available ingredients are. We purchase large amounts when possible and when the price is best due to a good harvest. Due to our long relationships with suppliers we’re notified of excellent purchasing opportunities when they occur.
  • We spend less on marketing than our competitors. We still spend money on marketing to make sure people know about us. But we spend more on quality control than on marketing. This is unusual in the industry. Due to our long history of delivering high quality products, we’ve developed a great reputation. This makes it easier to maintain a strong presence in the market. Retailers and consumers have come to trust our products and look for them.
  • We don’t have to seek the same profit margin other companies do. As a privately-owned business we aren’t focused on pleasing shareholders. We’re focused instead on building a solid business that balances affordability with profitability.

All of these efforts enable NOW® to deliver better value products to our customers. This is also supported independently by the significant number of awards NOW® has received in recent years.

NOW® products are the solution for retailers and consumers who want to live healthier lives by using high quality products at a fair price.

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