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How Can Affordable Supplements Also Be High Quality?

High Quality And Affordable Supplements

There’s a big difference between a good deal and cheap.

  • Cheap means you’ve cut every corner possible with no regards to standards. It’s simply about the lowest price. And the quality of what you end up getting reflects this.
  • A good deal, on the other hand, is when you get a high quality product for a great price.

Some affordable supplements fall into the cheap category. If you look closely at the raw materials used and the manufacturing process, you’ll find quality was shoved to the side. Cutting manufacturing expenses has trumped everything.

These supplements are cheap in price and cheap in quality.

Now, while these kind of supplements are considered affordable, they’re really not.

Can you afford to waste your money on supplements that don’t work? Or even worse, compromise your health?

  • Can you afford to get an indigestible cheap calcium supplement laced with lead?
  • Or a fish oil you can’t trust is clean?
  • Or a botanical extract containing only a bare hint of the plant extracts listed?

Supplement watchdog organizations have reported many supplements come up short when it comes to delivering what consumers are hoping to find in each bottle. In one 2004 study a full quarter of the supplements tested came up short when it came to the potency they promised.

Other studies have revealed supplements are contaminated due to the use of shoddy ingredients. Research has also revealed that manufacturers have substituted ingredients in order to cut costs.

Supplements and other natural health products are an excellent investment in your health. Many supplement ingredients have stacks of studies supporting their use.

But you need to take supplements made with high quality ingredients in order to enjoy the benefits of good nutrition.

Good thing - thanks to NOW® - you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

From the beginning NOW® has focused on how to make natural products available to everyone . . . and more specifically, how to make high quality natural products widely available.

If you read our ingredients listings and do your research, you’ll find few companies can match our quality and our prices.\

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