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Complex Carbohydrate Powders

NOW Sports Carbo Gain Products

Energize Your Workouts with Maltodextrin Powder

Carbs have gotten a bad rep in the workout world. But in fact they’re essential for recovery and better performance.

When you use a complex carbohydrate powder, like maltodextrin, you get a nice slow drip of fuel, perfect for sustaining energy levels. Maltodextrin’s complex sugar compounds are easy for the body to use but metabolize at a steady rate. They’re perfect for endurance workouts and athletic events where you can’t afford to let your gas tank hit empty.

But here’s the special bonus secret about carbs: Carb powders may even trick your brain so you can work harder when you’re exercising!

In a small-scale study of endurance cyclists, researchers tested to see if simply swishing some carbs in the mouth would make a difference in timed trials. They tested maltodextrin and glucose, both carbohydrates. And much to their surprise, it did.

The cyclists who swished carbs around in their mouth biked much faster than the bikers who only had some sweet saccharin (not a carbohydrate). It seems your brain picks up on the presence of carbs - and its accompanying promise of calories - to pick up the pace and burn energy.

NOW Sports offers a number of different maltodextrin powder mixes you can use to get that carb power you need when pushing your limits. Better yet, our maltodextrin powder is made from corn so you don’t have to worry if you’re gluten sensitive. And all of our carb powders are made with our absolute commitment to quality.

Ready to add carbs to your workout plan? Find the carbohydrate powder supplement that works for you.


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