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About Us

john_urban_manager.jpgWith so many new and unknown companies entering the Sports Nutrition market, determining what brand to buy can be mentally exhausting. You want to try the hot, new products that everyone is talking about, as well as the benchmark products that keep you coming back. In the process, it is equally important to avoid getting deceived by misleading advertising efforts. As if that wasn’t enough you essentially need a Ph.D. in biochemistry to understand what’s on many of the most popular products’ labels. Scientific advances have made it relatively easy to mimic the function of anabolic steroids, by simply manipulating and patenting the molecular structure of a product’s active ingredients.

We understand the plight of today’s natural athlete, and have implemented strict manufacturing and screening procedures to ensure that our products are free of banned or illegal substances. NOW® Sports is the athletic arm of NOW Foods, a company founded in 1968 and two-time Manufacturer of the Year within the Health Food channel. Over the past 4 decades, NOW has played a pivotal role in shaping the dietary supplement industry as we know it today, and our core values have never strayed from our founder’s original vision. Since day one, we have been adamantly against the use of synthetic ingredients, adulterants, fillers, bulking agents, label misrepresentation, and other dishonorable practices.

Like you, we are athletes who demand perfection; perfection from ourselves, perfection in our products, and perfection in our company’s image as a leader in natural nutrition. Fancy labels, supermodel endorsements, expensive magazine spreads—these are all fun, but not a single one has anything to do with building a world-class physique, breaking a record, or achieving a personal goal.

What does matter is product safety, purity, and potency. We guarantee all three. Here’s how:

• Our 250,000 sq ft facility houses seven on-site scientific laboratories, staffed by Ph.D. and degreed chemists, and is regarded as one of the industry’s most advanced. NOW is also one of the few who invite visitors to tour our facility and experience our Quality Control first-hand.

• We go to extreme lengths to ensure that we purchase only the ingredients that meet our exacting quality requirements. All vendors must adhere to these standards, and every lot is identity-tested prior toacceptance. Those not meeting our requirements do not make it past quarantine, without exception.

• Our sports supplements are tested using the most modern equipment available, including HPLC, HPTLC, FTIR, near-IR, ICP-MS, GC, and more. We openly submit our products to 3rd party testing, and disclose allingredients on every label.

• We have developed a state-of-the-art test method to screen our sports ingredients for banned substances and illegal adulterants, including steroids, economic adulterants like melamine, illegal diet drugs and illegal erectile dysfunction drugs. This is done to give you complete confidence in the purity of our sports formulas.

• Just as the human body is natural, we use natural & organic ingredients wherever and whenever possible. We don’t use artificial sweeteners and we don’t use synthetic flavors.

• We have an extensive allergen control program to avoid cross-contamination by allergens during manufacturing. Much of our line is gluten-free, however, those that do contain gluten are clearly marked on labels. This is to help the sports enthusiast that has to deal with allergens and gluten.

• Our nutritionists, chemists, food technologists, scientists and medical staff formulate NOW products based on best available science, using natural or naturally-derived ingredients, at potent levels consistent with nutritional standards and clinical trials.

• In addition to our passion for product quality and safety, we are equally respectful of the world from which they are derived. NOW and NOW® Sports are committed to doing all we can to protect our planet.


Once you’ve had the opportunity to experience the difference that NOW Sports products offer, you’ll understand why many of the world’s hardest working athletes and fitness enthusiasts use and recommend NOW Sports products. Since first launching the line, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that each product meets the evolving needs of today’s most physically demanding athlete, bodybuilder and powerlifter – no exceptions. By integrating the unsurpassed levels of science and quality inherent in the award winning manufacturing practices at NOW Foods, we treat each product as if it were the only one we offered. In doing so, we’re proud to offer a line of versatile sports supplements that is second to none in safety and potency, as well as one that reflects the tremendous quality efforts put forth by our developers and formulators.


Our success can be attributed to many aspects of what we do on a day to day basis. Vision, however, is one that allows us to forge ahead in an industry that has no shortage of competition. Unlike other companies who tell athletes and bodybuilders what they should be taking, NOW Sports listens to what they need the most to reach their goals in the most effective manner possible. Because as athletes ourselves, we understand what it’s like to stare down an isle full of supplements. Our goal, is to make this process just a little bit easier by offering you the best of the best, every time. Looking forward, NOW Sports will continue to develop leading-edge supplements designed to take you and your game to the highest level possible.

Medals of Honor

Best Sports Nutrition Line
Whole Foods Magazine, 2010 Natural Choice Awards

Best Energy Combination
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2010 Vity Awards

Best Muscle Enhancement
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2010 Vity Awards

Best Protein Powder
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2010 Vity Awards

Best Overall Sports Formula, Pure Whey Protein Isolate
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2010 Vity Awards

Best Muscle Enhancement Product: NOW® Sports Creatine Monohydrate
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2009 Vity Awards

Best Energy Combo Formula: NOW® B-12 Energy Packets
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2009 Vity Awards

Best Joint Support Supplement: NOW® Glucosamine & Chondroitin w/MSM
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2009 Vity Awards

Best Sports Nutrition Products
Whole Foods Magazine, 2009 Natural Choice Awards

Best Full Line of Supplements
Whole Foods Magazine, 2009 Natural Choice Awards

Corporate Hero Recognition, for Social & Environmental Responsibility
The Better World Shopping Guide, 5th Edition – Ellis Jones, Author

Illinois Governor’s Award for Sustainability
State of Illinois & Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn

Manufacturer of the Year
Vitamin Retailer Magazine

Best Weight Gainer: NOW® Sports Pro Gainer™
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2008 Vity Awards

NOW® Whey Protein Isolate: Best Protein Powder
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2008 Vity Awards

Best Sexual Function Formula: TestoJack 100™
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2008 Vity Awards

Best New Sports Nutrition Product: NOW® Sports Whey Protein
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2008 Vity Awards

Best Customer Service
Vitamin Retailer Magazine, 2008 Vity Awards

Best Full Line of Supplements
Whole Foods Magazine, 2008 Natural Choice Awards