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Disintegration Testing

In a recent test, NOW Foods Vit-Min 75+ was not approved because it did not fully disintegrate in 30 minutes. The comment was that it required 40 minutes to disintegrate.

NOW Foods complies with all FDA regulations. The FDA cGMPs require NOW Foods to set specifications for all aspects of its products, including disintegration. A scientific evaluation of food digestion times shows that food takes 4 to 5 hours to fully digest in the stomach. NOW Foods’ Technical Team completed a full scientific review of digestion and established a disintegration time of 60 minutes for all relevant products. The disintegration standard of 60 minutes was met for Vit-Min 75+ and is met by all pertinent NOW products. NOW Foods has and continues to publish this disintegration standard as well as other testing standards on its website for any person to view at any time. Please see: /Quality/Quality-Notes/M103725.htm

The disintegration standard of 30 minutes used in the recent test is published by the US Pharmacopeia and is based on drug disintegration times in water. NOW Foods is not a drug company and our products are not drugs. Natural products containing botanical ingredients need not meet this drug-based standard, because dietary supplements are digested as foods.

Please be assured that NOW Foods takes the safety and quality of its products very seriously. Our Vit-Min 75+ meets our standards for disintegration.