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What’s on the Label is in the Bottle and What’s in the Bottle is on the Label

What does “What’s in the bottle is what’s on the label” mean?

NOW products are formulated for safety, quality and efficacy. The formula in the product that you purchase is defined in our specifications. We assure you that we strive to ensure the exact formula in the bottle is described on the label that is on the bottle. There should be no difference between the product in the bottle and the label.

What does “What’s on the label is in the bottle” mean?

Exactly that. When you pick up our product on the store shelf the label completely and accurately describes the product in the bottle. There are no hidden ingredients.

Why may the label on my bottle be slightly different from the information I see on a website?

Sometimes there are minor changes to the product based on the situations described below. This may cause a slight difference between the information on the NOW Foods website or other websites and the label on the bottle, or between different lots of product. Again we want to assure you that our goal is that the product in the bottle always matches what’s described on the label.

What kinds of situations lead to minor differences in products?

Here are some examples of situations where this might occur:

  1. We are always working to improve our product safety and quality. We also are continuously working to improve our testing methods and our manufacturing processes to ensure high quality products. Any of these improvements might lead to minor changes in the product or the product label. For example, we may change the standardization of an ingredient to improve its quality. As another example, we are constantly using the best science and improving our testing methods. Sometimes the newer, more modern methods give a different test result and we then modify our label to reflect this. The ingredient tested has not changed. What has changed is that we are now using a better analytical method to test and the test results are described differently than before.
  2. We manufacture and distribute natural products. This means that our ingredients are naturally sourced or minimally processed (see what natural means to us). Natural products can have natural variations. These natural variations may lead to a slightly different formula or manufacturing requirements. For example, differences in density or particle size of an ingredient powder may result in the need for a slightly different manufacturing process. This may lead to the use of different excipients which would be listed under ”other ingredients” on the label. Excipients are those non-nutritive ingredients necessary to efficiently make a tablet or capsule.
  3. Natural products sometimes also have supply issues. Sometimes, due to poor harvests for example, a certain species or form of an herb may not be as available as before. We may need to change this to ensure that you can continue to purchase the product you prefer. We make sure this does not affect safety or efficacy. The product label will correctly define the ingredient used in that production lot (batch).

Do these minor differences affect the reason I am taking this product?

In most cases, these differences will not affect the efficacy of the product and you can continue to take the slightly different formulation without noticing any functional differences.