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NOW Meets Regulatory Requirements with Flying Colors

NOW has an outstanding record when it comes to meeting FDA requirements for natural product manufacturing. Plus we go beyond the requirements in order to meet your standards of excellence.

But it’s one thing to tell you this. It’s another to break it down and show you the details. Here’s our latest report on how we’re doing.

NOW Foods GMP Dietary Supplement Program Report

Area of Compliance
What We Do
GMP Regulations and Compliance Management Expertise
Well respected, industry known Quality Management
FDA Inspection
Facility inspected in 2012 – no observations
GMP Certification
NPA GMP Certified since 2000
Assure Label
All finished products tested to ensure products meet label
Raw materials inspection and testing
All raw materials tested for potency, heavy metals, and microbial contamination and other tests
Raw material suppliers
All raw material suppliers qualified
Adulterant testing
All sports product ingredients, male product ingredients tested for steroids, drugs. All milk proteins tested for melamine. All weight loss products tested for drugs.
Organic Products
All organic products produced under organic conditions and certified by NSF/QAI
Manufacturing procedures
All manufacturing standard operating procedures approved by Quality and according to FDA GMP requirements
Quality Inspections
All products inspected by Quality personnel at every stage during the manufacturing process
Cross contamination prevention
Quality procedures to prevent cross contamination and allergen contamination include separate warehousing, special air handling systems, physical separators, cleaning procedures, residual testing, equipment surface testing, etc.
Extensive labs in-house – analytical chemistry, microbiology, physical testing, sensory testing
Extensive sanitation procedures including Master Sanitation Schedule, pest control, etc.
Approval processes
All products approved by Quality unit separate and independent from Manufacturing
All equipment calibrated to ensure proper functioning
Hazards control
All processes have hazard control features including sieves to prevent contamination of powders, and metal detection on processing and packaging equipment
Water purification
All water used in processing purified and tested
Analytical methods
All analytical methods used to measure potency and contamination verified by senior analytical chemists
Microbial testing
All ingredients and all liquid products tested for microbial contamination – bacteria, yeasts and molds and pathogens
Ingredient weighing
All ingredient weights double checked for accuracy
Batch documentation
All batch documents completed according to FDA requirements and maintained for 6 years
Retained samples
Samples of all products, ingredients and in-process steps maintained for 6 years
Stability testing
On-going stability testing of many products to ensure shelf stable and for expiration dating
Ingredient identity
All ingredients tested to ensure correct identity using sophisticated analytical methods
Clean facility
Facility cleaned daily according to cleaning schedule
All production to extensive specifications for each product includes raw material, in-process and finished product specifications