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The Best Natural Products Start With An Unwavering Commitment To Quality

High Quality Natural Products

You take pride in taking good care of your health. For this reason, you hold high standards when it comes to the natural products you use.

But how do you know that you’re truly getting the best natural products available?

Can you tell by price? Not really. Many natural products cost exorbitant prices justified only by huge marketing expenses. NOW®, on the other hand, produces natural products of the highest caliber that are easy on your wallet.

No, price isn’t a reliable measure of quality. You have to go deeper.

  • First you have to define what “quality” means to you. And then . . .
  • You have to learn more about what natural product manufacturers do to ensure you’re getting the quality you’re looking for.  

What Does Quality Mean When It Comes To Natural Products?

NOW® takes quality seriously. We listen closely to your suggestions and apply them. This is how we develop products that meet or exceed your expectations.

This unwavering commitment results in making natural products you’ll feel good about. It’s also won us numerous awards.

To make sure our products meet our customers’ expectations, we do the following: (Click on the links to find out more details!)

  • We make sure our products work. We use published research to guide our product development. We test many of our products ourselves in clinical trials. And we put an emphasis on testing raw materials and finished products to make sure you’re getting what’s on the label. Find out more about how we verify that our products work.
  • We make sure our products are safe. We make sure our products are safe from adulteration, contamination, and ingredient substitution. And we follow good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to make sure our products are produced according to the best standards in the industry. Find out how we make sure our products are safe.
  • We produce products that meet our tough definition of natural. Like you, we believe natural products are best. So we make sure – from the raw materials we start with to how we process them – that our products are natural and wholesome. Find out how we define natural and how we meet that standard.
  • We manage to keep things affordable. Finally, our mission is to make sure natural products are available to everyone. That’s why we’ve developed strategic ways to maintain quality without hurting your wallet. Find out exactly how we keep our high quality products affordable.

To help you understand how we make quality the central focus of our company, we’ve put this special section together. With this information, you can be sure you’re getting natural products that meet your standards when you purchase NOW® products.

  • Just click on the links above to find out more about how we maintain quality. If you have further questions, please contact customer service at 888-669-3663 or email us. Or you can just jump right to our selection of high quality products. Click here to get to our main product menu page.

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