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New Products: May 2016
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Betaine Liquid – Green Apple Flavor

#2127, 16 fl. oz.

NOW® Liquid Betaine is a great way to incorporate the advantages of this modified amino acid into your health regimen. Clinical studies show that Betaine may help to promote endurance and optimize muscle output and performance during exercise, and may also help to support a healthy body composition when used along with a healthy diet and exercise program.* 

Betaine won’t win any awards for its taste, so we’ve made it significantly more palatable with our natural green apple flavor. 

Betaine normally participates as a cofactor in many reactions essential for normal cell function, including the synthesis of creatine, carnitine, and epinephrine, as well as in the detoxification of homocysteine.* It also helps to preserve cell volume and function during the stress of intense exercise.*

  • Natural Green Apple Flavor
  • Enhances Exercise Performance*
  • Helps Maintain Strength and Power*
  • 2500 mg per Tablespoon
  • Bioavailable Liquid Form 

Bottled Bouquet Essential Oil Blend

#7630, 1 fl. oz.

Aromatic floral bouquets have been a part of our romantic traditions for years, and for good reasons. There’s just something about fresh floral scents that gets us in the mood! 

At NOW® Solutions we’ve captured this loving feeling in our Bottled Bouquet essential oil blend, a combination of lavender, bergamot, orange, patchouli, cedarwood and ylang ylang oils that’s sure to get you feeling affectionate! 

  • Romantic Essential Oil Blend
  • Sweet, Warm, Floral Aroma with Citrus Notes
  • Romantic, Balancing & Calming

Good Morning Sunshine Essential Oil Blend

#7631, 1 fl. oz.

Waking refreshed and energized at the start of a new day is a feeling that’s tough to reproduce, but our expert aromatherapists have come pretty close with NOW® Solutions’ Good Morning Sunshine essential oil blend. 

Our uplifting combination of grapefruit, orange, rosemary, peppermint, and cinnamon bark oils has a perky citrus aroma with a slightly spicy undertone that’s energizing and focusing without being overstimulating. A good way to make it a great day! 

  • Uplifting Essential Oil Blend
  • Spicy Citrus Aroma
  • Energizing, Focusing & Soothing
*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.