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Personal Hygiene Products

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A Foundation for Good Health

Sure, good hygiene means keeping clean and eliminating odors, but many of us forget how important personal hygiene is for our health.

  • Prevents illness - Every day we’re exposed to millions of microorganisms, and many of them take a liking to us and decide to stick around. Unless they’re washed away they multiply and look for ways into the body, which can eventually lead to illness.

  • Reduces or eliminates body odor – In addition to microorganisms, we’re also exposed to numerous chemicals and toxins throughout the day, and they’re also found in the foods we eat and many other products we use on a daily basis. Our body gets rid of them primarily through perspiration, and if left on our skin the odors soon follow.

  • Prevents bad breath – Brushing and flossing regularly helps to wash away food, bacteria and other debris from our mouth and teeth. Neglecting oral hygiene not only leads to bad breath, but more serious health concerns as well. For instance, long-term plaque build-up can eventually affect healthy cardiovascular function. Yikes!

  • Improves attractiveness – We’ve all been there; in close proximity to someone who either hasn’t bathed or hasn’t brushed. Not fun. Do yourself and everyone else a favor – bathe and brush regularly!

Today’s most popular personal hygiene products may have you looking and smelling your best, but at a cellular level the harsh chemicals they’re formulated with can accumulate in the body over time, possibly contributing to health risks we are all trying to avoid.

Stop sabotaging your hygiene regimen and start using natural hygiene products from NOW® Solutions. Formulated with natural ingredients, our nasal spray, deodorants, toothpastes and mouthwashes will have you feeling fresh and smelling great in no time!

NOW® Solutions has the natural personal hygiene products you’re looking for, especially when you take into account our insistence on natural ingredients and our focus on product quality.


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