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Natural Body Butter & Moisturizer

Body Butters Moisturizers

Soft, smooth, radiant skin is something we all desire, but we’re not doing ourselves any favors with the majority of commercial skin care products available today. You see celebrities endorsing these products all the time, but what they don’t tell you is that, prior to using the cosmetics they promote, many begin their skin care regimen with a natural body butter and/or moisturizer. They’re the true superstars of skin health, and they’re not only effective, but affordable as well.

Natural Body Butter and Natural Body Moisturizer

Natural butters and moisturizers have some fantastic benefits over their synthetic competitors:

  • Suitable for all skin types – Extremely dry or excessively oily skin? Don’t worry, a natural body butter or body moisturizer is ideal for all skin types. Both are absorbed quickly and don’t clog your pores

  • They’re suitable for a variety of purposes – From sunburned skin and dry, chapped lips to stretch marks and scars, natural butters provide the nutrients your skin needs for whatever ails you, and these natural nutrients support and even enhance one another’s benefits.

  • They’re ideal for long-term and even life-long use – Not that most moisturizers aren’t, but for many consumers the extra level of confidence that comes from using a natural product is just an added bonus. They don’t worry about using Cocoa Butter for the next 40 years, or five times daily, because they know they’re using a natural body moisturizer.

Ready to find the best body moisturizer and the best body butters for your healthy lifestyle? NOW Solutions has you covered with our outstanding selection and our unwavering commitment to quality.

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