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Pure Lavender Oil for Aromatherapy

Pure Lavender Oils

5 Pure Lavender Oil Uses You May Not Have Thought About

You probably love the clean floral scent of lavender. But did you know lavender oil benefits more than just your sense of smell?

Soothing and balancing, pure lavender oil can be used in a variety of ways . . .

  1. Stressed? Lavender oil can ease the tension. Studies have shown that the scent of lavender oil can even reduce stress.
  2. Lavender oil can help a slight headache dissipate. Mix 3 drops with peppermint oil and chamomile oil and let the natural fragrance do its work.
  3. Need a good night’s rest? Lavender oil’s scent can help you slip into dreamtime more easily. Just put a drop or two on your pillow and drift. Or add a few drops to your bedtime bathwater.
  4. Want healthy skin? Lavender oil has a long history of use as a gentle and effective cleanser. Add a drop or two to your daily skin care routine and enjoy the results.
  5. By some reports, lavender oil may even make it more comfortable to be outside in the summer months.

Put a drop on your clothes or pillow. Add to a diffuser. Or mix it with a carrier oil for massage.

NOW Solutions manufactures the highest quality pure lavender oils, including an organic option. For ease of use, we’ve also combined it with almond oil for massage or with teatree oil for a powerful scent combination. You can also get it in a variety of sizes to fit your lavender oil use.

Ready to try one of these 5 uses for lavender oil? Try one of our lavender oil products today! 


  Certified Organic Lavender Oil - 1 oz
Lavender Oil 1 oz
Lavender Oil 2 oz
Lavender Oil 4 oz
Lavender Oil 16 oz
Spike Lavender Oil 1 oz
Spike Lavender Oil 4 oz


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