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Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus Oils

Eucalyptus Oil Uses You’ve Got to Try

Cool, fresh and clean – breathe in the fragrance of eucalyptus oil and you may be transported to a California hillside with the evening breeze ruffling the tall trees.

With an old-as-the-hills reputation for creating a clean environment, and its sweet, woody scent, eucalyptus oil is loved by aromatherapists. Its scent is used to revitalize, invigorate and clarify.

But it’s not just a pleasing smell. Eucalyptus oil can be used in a variety of ways.

Eucalyptus essential oil . . .

  1. Can help relax and open respiratory passages. Take a whiff and it will remind you of bedtime vapor rubs that helped you breathe easier.
  2. Seems to work well as a cleanser. Eucalyptus’ has been used by surgeons and housewives alike to keep things fresh and clean.
  3. May help keep your muscles relaxed. Just rub some on after a tough workout and feel its soothing tingle as it works its way into your tired body.
  4. Can stop mosquitoes from biting you. One study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported eucalyptus oil kept mosquitoes from biting for 2 hours!

NOW Solutions produces only the highest quality eucalyptus essential oil with a certified organic option. And you can buy eucalyptus oil in just the size you need. Or try our blended Lemon Eucalyptus Oil.

Eager to put eucalyptus oil to use? Check out our eucalyptus oil products now!

  Eucalyptus Oil - Organic - 1oz
Eucalyptus Oil - 1oz
Eucalyptus Radiata Oil - 1oz
Eucalyptus Oil - 2oz
Eucalyptus Oil - 4oz
Eucalyptus Oil - 16oz
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil - 1oz


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