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Organic Home Beauty & Personal Care Products



Essential Oils Body Care Facial Care Hair Care
Essential Oils Body Care Facial Care Hair Care
Hygiene Topical Oils Women's Health
Hygiene Topical Oils Women's Health
New Items Recipes Quality Personal Care Supplements
New Items Recipes Quality Personal Care Supplements

Since 1968 NOW® Solutions has been the answer for those seeking the best in natural personal care products. Our outstanding selection of organic beauty products, home beauty solutions and at-home beauty treatments is the perfect complement to your natural lifestyle.

At NOW® Solutions we believe that natural is better when it comes to the products we put in, and on, our bodies. Long before the advent of modern cosmetics we used natural butters, oils and botanical extracts to preserve and enhance beauty. Nature provides almost everything we need to maintain the health and vitality of our hair, skin and nails.

  • You might be hesitant to use that moisturizer with 30 different ingredients, half of which you either don’t know or can’t pronounce. Did you know that natural, single-ingredient butters and oils such as Lanolin, Shea, Cocoa and Jojoba are as effective and better for your skin and your health?

  • Many modern hair care products are loaded with synthetic ingredients that create a thick lather or leave a silky sheen after conditioning. Unfortunately these same ingredients have been linked to health many health concerns when used long-term. Our natural hair care products keep your hair shiny, lustrous and bursting with healthy vitality - without the questionable ingredients.

  • Some of today’s most popular lip balms contain ingredients that actually dry out your lips! No kidding! You keep buying them because, with synthetic ingredients, your lips are never truly moisturized. Stop the dry, cracked lips for good with our organic lip balms that truly moisturize, soothe and protect.

  • The scented candles and aerosol air fresheners many of us use today are loaded with toxic chemicals that are now shown to contribute to a number of health concerns. Did you know that many of today’s most popular fragrances are based on botanical essences such as lavender, ylang ylang and wintergreen? With natural essential oils for aromatherapy you can enjoy healthy, inspiring fragrances without the worry.

All of our natural cosmetic products are tested for potency, purity and safety, and we won’t use any ingredients that are tested on animals. Our industry-leading commitment to quality means you can use NOW® Solutions products with confidence. Ready to get back to beauty basics and build a natural foundation that enhances your inherent beauty? Let’s get going!


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