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NOW’s Response to Chicago Tribune Supplement Article

On Sunday July 1, the Chicago Tribune published a front page article on the dietary supplement industry – the FDA says it’s ‘downright scary’, with violations discovered at half the firms’, with ‘unsanitary factories’ and ‘tainted products found’.

The Chicago Tribune article acknowledges there are certain supplement manufacturers who do not adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as required by the FDA, but the article fails to put this acknowledgement in the proper context. The supplement industry contains hundreds of companies successfully manufacturing to cGMP standards, which the FDA put in place to regulate the supplement industry. Given their outstanding record of safe use, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs, millions of people rely on supplements to support their daily health. Like many other industries, there are certain companies within our industry who do not meet the FDA’s strict cGMP standards. Through its cGMP program and regular facility inspections, the FDA regulates the quality of supplements and identifies those companies failing to meet its standards, which is good for the supplement industry and good for the American consumer.

NOW Foods strictly adheres to cGMP, producing high quality supplements in one of the largest, most scientifically advanced facilities in the industry. At our regular FDA inspection conducted by the Chicago District of the FDA in January 2012, we did not receive any observations or violations. We have extensive sanitary procedures to ensure the cleanliness of our facility and the integrity of our products. We test all of our ingredients and products for identity and potency. We have been certified according to the Natural Product Association dietary supplement GMP standards since 2000. You are welcome to visit us at our Bloomingdale, Illinois (Chicago area) facility and see for yourself – we offer consumer tours once a month.

NOW Foods is a local Chicago area company that has recently been named one of the 101 best companies to work for in the Chicago area for the fifth year in a row. We are part of an industry comprised of many responsible manufacturers whose products I would give to my daughter and to my employees’ children. I hope that you will carefully research the products you buy, and I know that you can be confident when you purchase NOW Foods products.

Jim Emme
NOW Foods