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Let The Good Teas Roll! Sip It Real!

Choose_A_ Wellness_Tea_To_Keep_You_Feeling_Fine

Find The Perfect Wellness Tea To Keep You Feeling Fine

Wellness does not come naturally. It’s something you have to maintain deliberately every day. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t natural ways to stay well and feel good!

Nature has created more beautiful tools for staying healthy than can be counted.

And we’ve put some of the best of these botanical wonders in our wellness tea blends . . .

  • If you’re already in a good groove, Feelin’ Groovy™ will help you stay there. This invigorating blend of immune supporting herbs will help you feel fine all day long.
  • From the dark jungles of the Amazon, comes one of nature’s truly good-for-you treats – Pau d’Arco. We’ve combined this lovely bark with some chai spiciness and chocolate smoothness for a delicious brew.
  • Queeze Ease™, with ginger and mint, calms things down when something’s hit your stomach wrong.
  • And TLC™ (Throat And Lung Care) is the ideal partner for mom’s chicken soup when you need to get out of bed and get going.

Each of these NOW Real Tea blends come in our innovative no-staple bags and contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugar. We use pure, natural ingredients.

And because we know how much each cup of tea means to you, we craft our teas with an absolute commitment to quality.

At NOW Real Tea, our motto is: Brew it natural. Sip it real.

Ready to find your perfect cup of wellness tea? Check out our selection here.

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