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Let The Good Teas Roll! Sip It Real!


Drink A Cup Of Calming Tea To Help You Unwind

Whether you’re rattled and need to grab an island of calm in the middle of the day . . . or you’re shutting down shop and trying to put your mind to rest at the day’s end . . .

A cup of relaxing, calming tea is just what you need. At NOW Real Tea™, we’ve got what you need to unwind.

  • Decaffeinated organic Green Tranquility™ tea keeps your mind gently humming minus the caffeine kick thanks to green tea’s l-theanine. It’s the perfect way to clear your head during a busy day.
  • If you’re looking for a calming tea to help you ease into downtime, consider our Kick Back™ Tea blend that combines chamomile, spearmint and other herbs with a little hint of sweetness.
  • Ready to give the day a goodnight kiss and nod off to sleep? A cup of Nighttime™ go-to-sleep tea will gently transport you to dreamland.

NOW Real Tea blends come in our innovative no-staple bags and contain no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sugar. Each of our relaxing tea blends are made with purely natural ingredients and our absolute commitment to quality.

NOW Real Tea. Brew it natural. Sip it real. Because feeling good should taste great!

All set to sit back and settle down? Find your favorite calming tea right here.

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