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French Toast

Reprinted with permission from Healthy Highways,
The following recipes are from Healthy Highways’ Wholefoods Diner. They have been revised from the “traditional” version to provide wholesome nourishment.
When preparing any French toast recipe, the key to making it crisp on the outside and soft on the inside is to make sure the bread is well soaked and the skillet is hot. To make French toast a more nutritious and satisfying meal, instead of drowning it in sweet syrup, add some protein to the topping. For example, prepare Maple Cream by mixing equal parts pure maple syrup and plain, nonfat yogurt or yogurt cheese. Or, prepare Berries and Cream by mixing a cup of crushed fresh or frozen strawberries or raspberries with ½ cup plain, nonfat yogurt or yogurt cheese and a few spoonfuls of honey to taste.
2 eggs
½ cup dairy or soy milk
1 teaspoon honey or NOW Real Food® Maple Syrup*
1/8 teaspoon NOW Real Food® Vanilla Extract*
pinch salt
8 slices whole grain bread
butter or oil
  1. Beat eggs with milk, honey, vanilla, and salt.
  2. Soak both sides of bread in egg mixture.
  3. When fully saturated, cook in hot skillet coated with melted butter or oil until browned on both sides.
Modifications for Reduced-fat French Toast:
  • To prepare large quantities of French toast at one time, or to reduce fat and calories, broil or bake.
  • To broil, place soaked bread on a wire rack set above a cookie sheet and brown on each side.
  • To bake, place soaked bread on a wire rack set above a cookie sheet and bake in a 450 degree oven for 10 minutes. Turn slices over and bake an additional 5 minutes. Because this version does not brown (although it does become crisp), you may want to sprinkle it with cinnamon for appearance.

*NOW items available at your local health food store

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