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Whether it’s raw or roasted, seeds have become the snack of choice among health conscious folks. And for good reason . . . If there’s one natural food source that gives you concentrated nutrition, it’s the seed.

Nature’s ultimate snack pack, seeds are designed to nourish a young plant until it can fend for itself by establishing roots and leaves. Each seed is packed with protein and carbohydrates. Many seeds, like sunflower or pumpkin seeds, are natural sources of hard-to-get minerals like zinc and magnesium.

Seeds can also give your body effective free radical scavengers. Did you know pumpkin seeds have the full mix of tocopherol forms of vitamin E? Round this off with some healthy fats and you can see how a handful of seeds can make a full meal in itself.

But seeds aren’t just good for nutrition . . . Use seeds to add crunch and flavor to foods. Add them raw in smoothies or salad dressings. Or enjoy the rich flavor they develop when they’re roasted. Seeds sprinkled on stir fries or mixed into baked goods add some truly tasty pizzazz.

At NOW Real Food, we’ve made sure you can find your favorite seed here, including organic seeds. All of our seed choices come with our industry-leading commitment to quality.

So if you love nibbling on these dense nutritional wonders . . .

Check out what we offer here.

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