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Sink Your Teeth Into Our Dried Fruit

Nothing beats the yummy delight of dried fruit. Chewy, sweet and flavorful, dried fruit is truly “nature’s candy.” But unlike conventional candy, dried fruit’s good for you!

Its dense supply of fiber slows down your body’s absorption of the natural sugars in fruit. And dried fruit is packed with phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. So while your taste buds can love the sweetness and flavor, your body can still revel in the nutritional boost.

Dried Fruit Uses:

The Best Place For Dried Fruit And Organic Dried Fruit

  • Chopped up in cereal or yogurt.
  • Sprinkled onto salads, roasted with meats.
  • Baked into breads and cookies.
  • Simply nibbled right out of the bag.

Savor mango’s magical flavor. Or dig into pineapples riveting sweetness. Papaya spears give you a smooth, mellow taste. Coconut . . . apricots . . . or a whole tropical fruit mix – take your pick.

At NOW Real Food we understand you select these natural treats carefully for their health benefits as well as their yumminess. That’s why we do everything to ensure quality from start to finish. By working with our suppliers, we make sure you get nothing but the best quality fruits. All of our fruits are free of sulfur dioxide. And our certified organic dried fruits give you the cleanest option yet.

Ready to find the right dried fruit to delight your senses? Check out our selection of dried fruit and organic dried fruit now.

Dried Fruit Products

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