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The Natural, Zero-Calorie Sweetener That's Simply Better.
Zero Never Tasted Better


 Need some quick ideas?
Check out the Better Stevia Sweetener Equivalency Chart
or browse our quick, delicious and Healthy Recipes to help you
plan for a sweet snack or meal.


Organic Lemonade

Apple Nut Crisp

Hot Breakfast Porridge

Banana Power Shake

Cheesy Artichoke Dip

Royal Clyde




Sugar has properties other than sweetness (such as texture, moisture, browning), which may need to be compensated when substituting with BetterStevia™. Please use the above chart as a guideline. Users may need to do some experimenting to obtain desired sweetness level.

Tips and suggestions for baking with Stevia

The BetterStevia Sweetener Equivalency chart provides the optimal sweetness levels as a replacement for sugar. To replace 1 cup of sugar, use the following as potential bulking agents, moisture, leavening, and browning substitutions depending upon your recipe.

1 egg white
14 cup applesauce
13 cup Living Now® Tapioca Flour
1 ripe banana
14 cup plain yogurt

Please keep in mind that foods baked with Stevia do not rise as well as those baked with sugar. BetterStevia is not suitable for recipes with added yeast since sugar is needed to feed fermentation. For a direct one-to-one sugar replacement, try our Sugarless Sugar™. It cooks, bakes, tastes and even browns like sugar with one-third the calories of sugar.



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