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The Natural, Zero-Calorie Sweetner That's Simply Better.
Zero Never Tasted Better

Flavored Liquid Stevia In A Range Of Flavors 

BetterStevia’s® Flavored Liquids Transform Ordinary Drinks Into Healthy, Zero-Calorie Treats

English toffee . . . tropical fruit . . . French vanilla . . . what’s your pick?

With BetterStevia® liquid stevia you can transform an ordinary cup of coffee or bowl of plain yogurt into . . . well . . . heaven. Better yet, it’s guilt free. Stevia has no calories and no artificial ingredients.

Extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant, stevia is 50-100 times sweeter than sugar. But unlike sugar it doesn’t rot your teeth. And some research indicates it may help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels within the normal range.

BetterStevia’s liquid stevia allows you to add this healthy sweetness to your favorite foods easily and neatly. With its fliptop lid, you can simply add the number of drops you desire. Keep in mind, a little liquid stevia goes a very long way.

Better yet - for even more yumminess and convenience - we’ve combined BetterStevia® liquids with your favorite flavors. Organic liquid stevia is also available. All of NOW’s liquid stevia products are made from the natural stevia plant and our keen attention to quality.

Ready to find your favorite liquid stevia flavor? Start browsing here.

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