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The Natural, Zero-Calorie Sweetner That's Simply Better.
Zero Never Tasted Better
High Quality Natural Products

Each Slender Sticks™ Sugar Free Drink Stick Transforms an Ordinary Glass of Water Into A Delicious Low-Calorie Drink 

Water. You know it’s good for you – we all need more hydration.

But water is so boring. Your taste buds are craving something more!

NOW® Foods Slender Sticks™ Sugar Free Drink Sticks with BetterStevia® give you the power to abolish boring hydration for good. 

Starting with the natural sweetness of NOW Foods BetterStevia®, we’ve created a whole line of flavorful water makeovers – Slender Sticks™ Drink Sticks sweetened with BetterStevia®. The secret to these guilt-free tasty treats is stevia, a plant native to South America. BetterStevia® extract gives you 60-100 times the sweetness of sugar. Without all the guilty calories. And at NOW, we’ve developed a patented way to give you stevia’s goodness with a nice clean taste.

Then, we added the potent flavors of nature’s most magnificent fruits along with our revitalizing Phytofruit Blend organic juice powder. Each BetterStevia-sweetened Slender Sticks™ packet is packed with vitamins, all-natural, and preservative-free. All this with only 10- 15 calories per stick.

Tropical Punch with Fiber . . . Berry Energy Tea with added energizers . . . Grape Active. . . Acai Lemonade . . . and Pomegranate Berry. . . you decide which tickles your fancy.

All you have to do is rip open the Slender Sticks™ Drink Stick, add to your water . . . and enjoy! You can take them anywhere.

These sweet and fruity BetterStevia® beverages will soon become your favorite thirst quencher.

Find out which flavor suits your taste – check out our line of Slender Sticks™ Sugar Free Drink Sticks with BetterStevia® now!

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