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The Natural, Zero-Calorie Sweetener That's Simply Better.
Zero Never Tasted Better
Better Stevia Products

Looking For a Natural Sweetener Or Sugar Substitute?
Try NOW® BetterStevia® Sweetener

Does a natural sweetener with zero calories seem too good to be true? Well, it’s not . . .

The stevia plant, native to South America, yields a unique and super-sweet extract that gives your taste-buds a burst of sweetness without the guilt. Stevia extract is 60-100 times sweeter than sugar. . . and has absolutely zero calories.

For generations stevia was carefully guarded by the Guarani tribe of South America who used it in their unique potions and to counter the bitterness of maté, a favorite drink. In 1905, Italian botanist Moises Santiago Bertoni obtained a specimen, launching its use in Europe and eventually Asia.

With an extensive amount of research behind its safety and benefits, stevia has become a popular alternative to sugar. It doesn’t cause tooth decay. And – given its extremely low spot on the glycemic index - it’s a great ally for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Some research indicates stevia’s health benefits may go even further . . . in the raw stevia contains over 100 phytonutrients.

Using a patented enzyme process, NOW Foods has developed a unique stevia extract. With our BetterStevia® extract, you get the goodness of whole stevia with a clean sweet taste. Out of this, we’ve created a spectrum of good-for-you and delicious stevia products.

You can just pop a few BetterStevia® packets in your purse or bag to take on the road. Liquid BetterStevia® products - both plain and flavored – make mixing stevia’s sweetness into foods a breeze. And our Slender Sticks drink sticks made with BetterStevia can transform an ordinary glass of water into a healthy, fruity beverage.

Check out our range of BetterStevia® products now!

Better Stevia Beverages

Better Stevia Packets

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Better Stevia Liquid

Other Better Stevia Products

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