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Michael Lelah, PhD: NOW Food's Technical Director

Michael Lelah - Technical DirectorDr. Michael Lelah is NOW’s Technical Director and has had a great impact on the company’s quality control and assurance efforts since joining NOW Foods in January 2004. Dr. Lelah came to NOW with over 20 years experience in research and development, quality, and manufacturing management in the fields of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, foods, packaging, and plastics. Michael is an accomplished scientist, having earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After college he was the author of numerous research publications, and was awarded several patents in a number of scientific disciplines. From this research base he went on to develop many unique consumer and medical products. During this time Michael gained a reputation as scientist who worked very hard to ensure that the products he developed were safe and worked as intended.

Dr. Lelah’s daughter was born with Crohn’s disease, and after futile attempts at treatment through normal medical methods Michael began exploring natural and alternative therapies, which eventually led to a full-fledged passion for natural products. During business trips to China and other parts of Asia, Michael became familiar with traditional Chinese medicine and herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals, further increasing his interest in natural products and the industry that produced them. Those who have seen Dr. Lelah speak know how passionate he is about natural products. 

In the early 90’s Michael began developing ideas for a line of natural food-derived dietary supplements, going so far as to research his ideas, develop test samples, and put together a business plan. The economics of the idea never quite planned out, and without sufficient investor support Michael had to shelve his idea of starting his own natural products company. Since joining NOW Foods Dr. Lelah has been given a new opportunity to bring many of his ideas from this venture to fruition, and he hasn’t wasted the opportunity.

In addition to his interests and accomplishments in developing new and innovative products, Michael is experienced with the highest levels of quality standards and their enforcement. He is well-trained in the rigorous standards of pharmaceutical manufacturing quality, including quality assurance (building quality into every product produced) and quality control (measuring quality and ensuring that standards are met). Although at NOW Foods we’re not making drugs, it’s the pharmaceutical quality assurance disciplines that differentiate NOW from other natural product manufacturers. Dr. Lelah brings this kind of discipline and expertise to NOW Foods, helping us to continuously raise the bar on product quality.

Looking ahead, Dr. Lelah is working hard to integrate NOW Foods’ strong existing technical expertise with creative leaders in the natural products industry, as well as refining our disciplined quality standards to continue delivering world-class, innovative products and services that will empower people to lead healthier lives. Dr. Lelah, and everyone at NOW Foods, is committed to doing everything possible to ensure that our products and services will help enrich the lives of anyone using them.

Michael is always happy to hear from retailers and consumers alike about new products that they’d like to see NOW develop. Comments on what quality means to you, your experiences with NOW products, or any questions are always welcome. Feel free to contact Dr. Lelah at