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Our People Make the Difference

Everyone at NOW has a mission - To provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives. We, the employees of NOW, all take that statement seriously. We would like to introduce you to a few of the people that embody our mission and serve our customers through their dedicated work at NOW.


Al Powers

Al Powers - CEO - NOW Health Group
About Al

Since 1974 Al Powers has contributed to the success of NOW Foods. After many years serving as vice president, Al took over the reins as president in 2005 and CEO of NOW Health Group in 2011. Al has so much experience in the health industry that he is a great choice to lead NOW to future success.

El Richard

El Richard - Founder & Chairman of the Board
About El

As Founder and former President of NOW Foods, El Richard grew the multi-million dollar family business. Elwood Richard is a physical chemist with a background in precision calorimetry, radiochemistry and free radicals.

Jim Emme

Jim Emme - President - NOW Foods

Jim has been a member of the NOW management team since early in 1995. His unique combination of a Food Science education combined with decades of experience in the design and management of food manufacturing and distribution operations are uncommon in our industry. He grew up on a farm in Indiana, and knows the importance of hard work and dedication to the strong values system that the NOW brand represents.

Michael Lelah

Michael Lelah, PhD - Technical Director
About Michael

Michael came to NOW with the expertise necessary to propel NOW Foods to the top of the industry in quality and technical standards. NOW has always been dedicated to quality and Michael's drive to excel fits right in with the NOW mission.

Dan Richard

Dan Richard - General Sales Manager
About Dan

Practically born into the natural products industry, Dan Richard, son of founder Elwood Richard, has helped NOW grow from a small soy products manufacturer into one of the largest natural products manufacturers in the United States. Today Dan is still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of NOW Foods as the company's national sales manager.




NOW's Senior Management Team

  • Michelle Canada - Director of Human Resources 
  • Jim Emme - President - NOW Foods
  • Glen Kienitz - Director of Operations
  • Randy Kjell - IT Director
  • Michael Lelah - Technical Director
  • Al Powers - CEO, NOW Health Group
  • Dan Richard - General Sales Manager
  • Mike Richard - Assistant to the President