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Why Live in Chicago?

The Windy City. The City of Broad Shoulders. Second City. The Chill. The City of Chicago has a lot of nicknames that befit the Midwest’s largest city (and the third largest city in the United States), but the nickname that sums up Chicago better than any was coined by Mr. Frank Sinatra – “My Kind of Town”.


There are many reasons to call Chicago home – the cultural diversity, the art and architecture, the entertainment and nightlife, the people, the business environment, and more. But instead of continuing to list all the wonderful attributes of this great city, we decided to ask some current NOW employees why they decided to call Chicago home, and what they like about working for NOW.



JT (Engineering):
What I like most about working at NOW: The company’s focus on adhering to its core values and its mission to empower people to live healthier lives. It’s not often that you get to work with dynamic people while pursuing worthwhile objectives.

What I like most about living in Chicago: I love Chicago because there is so much history and so many things to do. There are a lot of activities for single people as well as families. We also have great sports teams, great food establishments, and awesome festivals.


Ron (Sales):
What I like most about working at NOW: Having the opportunity to work for NOW Foods, I’ve enjoyed being part of a close-knit hard working family, each of us on a joint mission to empower people to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s what I love most. It’s a feeling of accomplishment and pride each day to know that we’re working together to make such a positive impact.

What I like most about living in Chicago: Being born and raised in Chicago, I’ve had the pleasure to experience just about everything the city has to offer. I’ve come to realize that there isn’t a city that compares. From the many attractions, sporting events, great restaurants, endless entertainment options, diverse culture, amazing skyline and beautiful surrounding suburbs. Chicago is truly one-of-a kind!


Sandy (Product Packaging):
What I like most about working at NOW: I like working for NOW because I am helping people to be healthier. I also like the fact that NOW cares about employee health and shows this by having bi-annual wellness screenings and many other health benefits for employees. I believe at NOW we really try to walk the talk, helping people live healthier lives by making products of high quality that are affordable. This is very important to me because I am not only an employee, I am a consumer.

What I like most about living in Chicago: I like to live in the Chicagoland area because I have the best of both. I am close to museums, concerts and theaters in the city, and then I am close to the country so I can spend time at our campsite sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows and watching the stars.


Vanesa (Credit & Collections):
What I like most about working at NOW: One of the things I love most about working at NOW is the way that they treat their employees. I feel that they care and they value you as a person and not just a number or a worker. We all matter to the company and they are very employee-focused and committed to us. NOW allows you to manage your work and your family life and they help you to be able to be successful at both. They help you grow at work and also grow as a person so you can better yourself. NOW has one of the best set of core values around and they live and run the company with those values as the driving force.

What I like most about living in Chicago: Living in Chicago is great…what I love the most is the diversity of cultures and people that we have around the city, the suburbs and even within our company. I love the four seasons that we have. If you need to get away, all you have to do is drive a few hours and you have the quiet of small towns. In Chicago, you can have a bit of everything that you like all within a few minutes or a few hours’ drive. What more can you ask for?


Katrina (Methods Development):
What I like most about working at NOW: NOW is a family owned business, which provides a unique working culture. I really love how NOW is focused on making excellent products and taking good care of their employees. NOW is focused on employee well-being and is constantly providing wellness opportunities, looking for ways to improve safety, and working towards lowering our environmental impact. It’s refreshing to work for a socially conscious company that truly cares about all of the people that rely on it, employees and customers alike.

What I like most about living in Chicago: Living in Chicagoland is great because there is something for everyone: excellent museums, diverse restaurants, sporting events and plenty of arts and entertainment options are easy to find. In addition, Chicago is a major traveling hub, so it’s easy to travel to and from the city. The people in Chicagoland are extremely friendly, which really helped me to settle in when I moved out here from the East Coast in 2003.


Georgia (Quality Control Analytical Lab):
What I like most about working at NOW: I believe the company truly appreciates the employees. Also, my co-workers and I work well as a team, as we realize that each of our jobs affects everyone else’s job at NOW.

What I like most about living in Chicago: Living and working in the Chicagoland is great – it is a widespread area, but it is very family-oriented. You can be in the city or in the country in less than an hour!


Rogelio (Order Fulfillment):
What I like most about working at NOW: NOW promotes their employees to live a healthy lifestyle. They are great about organizing and supporting sporting events such as the NOW Annual Soccer and Basketball tournaments. I believe they truly treat their employees fairly and with respect.

What I like most about living in Chicago: I feel it’s overall safe and there are a lot of great activities for my kids to get involved in. I don’t have to drive too far to do anything. Plus I love all of the four seasons!


Reinel (Processing):
What I like most about working at NOW: NOW is a great company to work for – there are many great people and opportunities. As a family-owned business, it doesn’t give you just a job; it gives you the experience of being part of a strong and growing company.

What I like most about living in Chicago: My first initial attraction was the outstanding architecture of the downtown area – it was beautiful, clean and everyone was so nice and polite. There are so many places to go and things to do in Chicago, from museums and parks to watching the sunrise over Lake Michigan and enjoying the beautiful skyline when the sun set.