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Meet Mike Fields

Greetings! My name is Mike Fields, and I’m a 27-year-old dedicated health& fitness individual living in Port St. Lucie, Florida. My current goal is to compete as a physique pro. My other passions are basketball, weight-lifting, yoga, spinning, Zumba and much more. In my spare time I engage in a wide variety of social activities, including health fairs, community drives, marketing events, supplement seminars and body building shows. I’m an avid user of NOW supplements, and take IGF-1, Whey Protein, L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract and Branched-Chain Amino Acids on a regular basis. My personal belief is that NOW has amazing products and I have achieved great results with NOW supplements as part of my fitness/ nutritional regimen.

My health and fitness journey started at a very young age when I discovered basketball. I played basketball all throughout my childhood and into high school and college. Every coach I’ve ever had has told me that I’m built more like a football player and/or bodybuilder, and they all encouraged me to incorporate weight-training, which I did. I started lifting regularly after completing high school, and played college basketball with the ultimate goal of playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Although my plan to be a professional basketball player didn’t work out, I developed a solid foundation for life-long physical fitness through weight-lifting, a healthy diet, supplementation, and a passion for helping others reach their goals. My ongoing commitment and dedication to peak physical fitness has led to a new dream, one that all my coaches thought I was “cut” out for – bodybuilding. My goal is to step on stage one day soon and compete as a professional bodybuilder, and with my passion for fitness and NOW supplements, I feel I have all the tools necessary for this next step./font>

NOW products have been pivotal in giving me a serious chance at realizing my goals and I’m happy to give back by helping to spread the word about NOW Foods and their great products. I tell people all the time, “You don’t need big, ‘name-brand’ supplements to achieve your health & fitness goal. NOW supplements work just as well, or better than those more costly supplements.” NOW products are affordable and offer outstanding quality and purity and are especially appealing to fitness enthusiasts who are just starting out because of their competitive price. I’m happy to be a NOW Ambassador, and I look forward to the day I can walk on stage as a Physique Pro and let everyone know that NOW products helped me realize my dream.