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Meet Jenny Chin

Hello, my name is Jenny Chin and Health and Fitness changed my life forever. I am a 27 year old Purdue graduate, corporate world female working towards becoming a true aspiration and a positive role model in the fitness industry, because after all this is my passion.

I have always been an athlete growing up all throughout college being active in multiple sports but one in particular: I wanted to become an Olympic figure skater. With this dream at the age of 5, I trained and competed until the age of 15 and left the sport due to a permanent/physical set back. Although this particular dream was crushed, I never looked back and kept moving forward. With sports and activities consuming most of my life, after completing college I was approached by a fitness personal trainer who introduced me to the Figure Competition world. About 6 months later, I was approached by a bodybuilder who introduced me to a female bodybuilder/Coach who became my coach for my first Figure Competition. I trained & dieted for 20 weeks like a machine day and night. The result of this shockingly strong self-discipline and determination to finish what I had started led me to 2nd place at a NPC Figure Competition. It was 3am when I had returned home after that competition and I was standing in my room unpacking and realized I was genuinely happy for the first time in my life. This was when I knew what ‘Happiness’ meant to me. I knew then that this was my calling, whether it is competing or being in the Health and Fitness world in some way.

I began to educate myself every day and still do on a Healthy lifestyle, Fitness and the extreme world of competing. My first NOW Foods product was Dextrose when this product was nowhere to be found except from Now Foods. From then I learned about different supplements and began to use them regularly training towards the next competition. Some of NOW Food products that I currently use are: Dextrose, Dandelion Root, Cranberry Extract, Probiotic- 10, L-Arginine, Amino Complete, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine and more.

Competition Profile:

I plan on trying more great products and using them for my overall wellbeing and success on stage. I appreciate the high quality supplements that Now Foods offers for me along my journey in pursuing my love and dream of fitness and health.