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Meet Meghan Kennihan

ambassador Meghan KennihanHello, my name is Meghan Kennihan, and I’m a 30-year-old fitness writer, personal trainer and running coach living in La Grange, Illinois. I coach at various locations throughout the Chicagoland area, so I deal with athletes on a daily basis and I’m well-known in the Chicago running community. I’m a huge fan of NOW products because they’ve helped me not only prepare for races, but recover from injuries as well.

Although I’m an avid runner and an aspiring triathlete, I didn’t start running until my sophomore year in college, when I ran my first 10K…and won it! I thought I might not be too bad at this running thing, so I kept entering 10Ks and half marathons and kept winning. Greatly encouraged, I substituted for an injured friend in the 2008 Chicago marathon and ended up with a time of 3:08 on 4 weeks of training. Even more encouraged, I trained for the inaugural Illinois marathon, to be held the following spring, and ended up with a time of 2:55 – only 7 minutes from qualifying for Olympic trials!!!! Naturally, qualifying for Olympic trials became my new goal. I found out rather quickly that there’s a good reason Olympic trials are so difficult to make. My body didn’t cooperate with my accelerated training regimen, and I suffered two stress fractures while training for the next Chicago marathon. During my recovery I was introduced to NOW supplements and started using Glucosamine & Chondroitin with MSM. Since I couldn’t run I took up biking and swimming that summer. Once I was recovered I didn’t want to waste the experience I’d gained biking and swimming, so I decided to jump right into half ironman triathlons and placed 1st in my age group in my first two races and won one overall for females in my final fall half ironman. I have continued doing triathlons joining an elite triathlon team and am loving it!

Ambassador Meghan KennihanSince NOW supplements helped me so much during my recovery from fractures, I decided to incorporate them into my training regimen as well. In addition to the basics such as Vitamins C and D, I also take MCT Oil, L-Glutamine, Tri-3D Omega, CoQ10, Folic Acid and B-12. I’ve used NOW supplements for joint health, heart health and general nutrition. So far in the 2012 season I have made the podium in every event I’ve entered. More importantly, I feel better than ever. I believe NOW supplements have helped keep me injury-free for the past two years, and they’ve greatly improved both my performance and recovery.

Because of the success I’ve had using NOW products I recommend them to my personal training clients. I develop individualized training plans for every client based on their unique health, lifestyle, and personal preferences. My goal is to help my clients get in shape, improve their metabolism, and improve their energy levels so that they can enjoy a longer, healthier and more productive life. For my competitive clients my goal is to help them improve their race-day distances, set new personal records, and ultimately achieve their professional and competitive goals.

Race Results:

Dublin Half Marathon (September 17th, 2011; 3rd in Age Group, 6th out of 2500 overall 1:21:28
Schuamburg Half Marathon First Female 1:21:33
Bonfield Express 5K First Female 18:03
Illinois Marathon First Female 2:55

Big Foot Triathlon 3rd in Age Group 2:27
Pleasant Prairie Triathlon 2012 2nd in Age Group 2:11:08
Ironman Racine 70.3 2011 4th in Age Group 5:02:18
Ironman Racine 70.3 2012 2nd in Age Group 4:57:30
Ironman Steelhead 70.3 1st in Age Group
Lake Geneva Half Xtreme 5:01 (swim extra .25 long)

Biking (all averaging 19mph or higher):
Sub-Five Hour Century 5:00 (the clock never stops, 100miles)
Plainfield Metric + (we did 134 miles)
Bike Psychos 200K
Horribly Hilly Hundred (126 miles in 8 hours)

Current Run Goals:
Break 1:20 for the half marathon
Qualify for the Olympic Trials in the Marathon (2:45)
Break 18:00 for 5K

Current Triathlon Goals:
Olympic Triathlon 2:05-2:10
Half Ironman- Improve my Swim and get in the 4:30-4:45 range