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Meet Ken Poucket

ambass_Ken_Poucket_action.jpgMy name is Ken Poucket and I am a thirty year old Holistic Wellness Practitioner and Trainer for Creating Balance in Dearborn, Michigan. We are a wellness center that focuses on the need for balance in our client’s lives from a spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual perspective. This is unique because most facilities (gyms) only focus on the physical piece of a person, often to the detriment of the other parts. Our clientele ranges from the competitive athlete to the person dealing with cancer. One thing they both have in common is access to high quality nutrition and supplementation during their wellness journey with us. That is where NOW comes in. We carry only NOW products in our wellness center due to their constant commitment to excellence in the areas of purity, quality, and use of natural ingredients.

In addition to that I am also a competitive ultra-marathon runner. I have competed in several 50k (31 miles) and time based (run as far as you can in a given period) races. I have never placed below the top three in my age group in any race. I have only placed out of the top ten overall once. My goal for 2012 is to compete and place in my first 100 mile race.

Training to run 100 miles takes a lot of patience, discipline and last but not least attention to nutrition and supplementation (and a lot of running). With the volume of training that I am doing, the balance between stress and recovery is a fine line. The use of NOW Foods supplements ensures that I can still train hard and recover from running 80 to 150 miles a week in addition to strength training.


Here is the pre-race breakdown:

First Meal – Eco green multi-vitamin
Every Meal – Super Enzymes, Betaine HCL, Vitamin C
Pre-Training – Beta-Alanine Caps, Creatine Energy w/ Ribose
During Training – Beta-Alanine, BCAA caps, BCAA powder, L-Arginine
Post-Training – Vitamin C, Vitamin E
Before Bed – Zinc, Magnesium, B-6, GABA, L-Orthinine, L-Arginine

I can honestly say these NOW supplements are a prime reason why I have been able to train at a high level and remain injury free. Other products that I use from NOW are Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator (which is also a very popular product with clients at the wellness center), Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Holy Basil and Relora. I am excited to be a NOW Ambassador and to help promote a great company that makes high quality and moderately priced products that are great not only from a sports perspective, but from a health and wellness one as well.